Virgins – Il racconto Prequel a Outlander in uscita il 28 Ottobre in versione paperback

Il Racconto di Diana Gabaldon “Virgins” è il prequel alla saga Outlander (La Straniera) e ha come protagonista un giovane Jamie Fraser, costretto ad abbandonare la sua casa in Scozia e a girare per il mondo.

Con il titolo Dangerous Women 2, uscirà il prossimo 28 Ottobre un volume paperback (commissionato da George R.R. Martin e Gardner Dozois) che raccoglie tra gli altri un racconto, scritto da Diana Gabaldon, che fa da prequel alle avventure di Outlander. Il racconto è di circa 28mila parole.

Dangerous Women: Voume Two include altre storie scritte da Lev Grossman, Sharon Kay Penman, S. M. Stirling, Sam Sykes, Caroline Spector, e Nancy Kress ed è disponibile al pre-ordino a questo link.

Qui sotto vi lasciamo un piccolissimo estratto dal racconto, che potete continuare a leggere su


October, 1740
Near Bordeaux, France

Ian Murray knew from the moment he saw his best friend’s face that something terrible had happened. The fact that he was seeing Jamie Fraser’s face at all was evidence enough of that, never mind the look of the man.
Jamie was standing by the armorer’s wagon, his arms full of the bits and pieces Armand had just given him, white as milk and swaying back and forth like a reed on Loch Awe. Ian reached him in three paces and took him by the arm before he could fall over.
“Ian.” Jamie looked so relieved at seeing him that Ian thought he might break into tears. “God, Ian.”
Ian seized Jamie in embrace, and felt him stiffen and draw in his breath at the same instant he felt the bandages beneath Jamie’s shirt.
“Jesus!” he began, startled, but then coughed and said, “Jesus, man, it’s good to see ye.” He patted Jamie’s back gently and let go. “Ye’ll need a bit to eat, aye? Come on, then.”

“Virgins” © Diana Gabaldon